Gloria Baumann
Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53081

About Kittie Krafts

Kittie Krafts was founded and created by Gloria Baumann in 1994, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA. Kittie Krafts is a home based business with Gloria as the sole designer, creator and manufacturer.

Gloria experimented in furniture designs well before 1994, when a friend asked her if she was able to make a cat sized recliner. The friend loved the recliner so much, she suggested to Gloria to consider manufacture of her creations and Kittie Krafts was born. The business has diversified into what you see now and continues to grow.

Gloria, mother of two, has always been very creative and crafty, allowing the creation of numerous other products including cat toys and collectibles. Gloria, along with her loving, supportive husband Dennis, have always had cats in their lives. For ten years, they enjoyed traveling the show circuit with their beautiful Himalyans and Persians.

Gloria Baumann, Owner and Creator of Kittie Krafts

Gloria Baumann -- Founder of Kittie Krafts

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