Gloria Baumann
Sheboygan, Wisconsin 53081

Cat Toys and Organic Catnip!

Kittie Krafts toys and organically grown catnip are NOT IMPORTED. All toys are designed and handcrafted with care and pride by Gloria Baumann, in Sheboygan, Wisconsin, USA.

All toys and catnip are kittie tested and kittie approved!

Stick Toys

Kittie Spider

Kittie Spider Toy

Plastic rod measures 18 inches with an approximate 36 inches of coated steel wire attached to a braided leather spider OR a twisted ribbon spider (fabric). Customer's choice!

Only $7.00 each

Spider Stick

Kittie Spider Stick Toy

Short 12 inch plastic rod or Long 18 inch plastic rod.

Only $5.00 each

Kittie Stretch

Kittie Stretch Toy

Plastic rod measuring 18 inches with bell at end. Cord is approximately 65 inches long. (No choice of colors)

Only $4.00 each

Kittie Flutter

Kittie Flutter Toy


Plastic rod measures 12" or 18" with approximately 15" of coated wire attached to a reinforced feather butterfly.

Kittie Buzz

Kittie Buzz Toy


Plastic rod measures 12" with approximately 12" of wire attached to a handmade yellow fabric "buzz".

Mini-Showman Kittie Teasers

Mini-Showman Kittie Teaser Toy

The Mini-Showman Teasers have a wooden stick, and a bell cleverly hidden in the feather portion of the top. Available in a variety of colors! (Mylar material) Attractive beads at the base.

Mini-Showman Teasers are only 9 inches long, designed for the exhibitor and judges alike. Also a good training tool for shows.

Only $4.50 Each

Mylar Kittie Teasers

Mylar Kittie Teaser Toy

Mylar Teasers come in two lengths. Short 12 inch plastic rod or Long 18 inch plastic rod with teaser strands 9 inches long. Long or short rod, same price.

Only $5.00 each

Kittie Bittie Mouse

Kittie Bittie Mouse Toy

Rabbit fur mouse shape that looks and feels real. Attached with flexible stainless steel wire to a plastic rod. Comes in a "lap play" size of approximately 12" wire and 12" of rod, or full sized with approximately 36" wire and 18" of rod.

$8.95 for 12" rod / 12" wire

$10.00 for 18" rod / 36" wire

Floor Toys

Kittie Krafts Kickers

Kittie Kraft Kickers

Unlike the imitators made from cotton fabric, these are THE ORIGINAL KITTIE KRAFT KICKERS made from decorator and upholstery fabric to withstand the kind of abuse claws and jaws can give. Kickers are carefully sewn with double inside stitching to help prevent tearing. If one seam can't withstand the beating by your Kittie, there is a back-up. If that one breaks, sorry, but you need a new Kicker, I am not stitching it three times! (AND you have one feisty cat!) Each kicker is individually hand wrapped to prevent contamination by handling of others so you get the freshest possible product.

Contains pure organic Wisconsin catnip, fiberfill and solid catnip stems. As the toy gets used, simply bend the toy to break the stems inside, which will refresh the catnip smell. This can be done over and over until the smell disappears.Most cats will play with these long after the smell is gone just to kick and play.

Kicker cat toy measures 2-3/4 x 8 inches.
Big Kick measures 3-1/2 x 11 inches.
Super Kick measures 4-1/4 x 14-1/2

Kicker - Only $4.50
Big Kick - Only $6.00
Super Kick - Only $8.00

Kittie Katnip Mouse

Kittie Katnip Mouse Toy

HAND CROCHETED (NOT machine manufactured), with hand-stitched whiskers and nose, yarn mouse with organic catnip stuffed inside fiber-fill liner.

Sizes and colors vary, but the mouse is approximately 2 inches long.

New pictures coming soon!

$2.00 a piece

Kittie Katnip Toy

Kittie Katnip Toy Kittie Katnip Toy

Catnip toys available in small and large. Each package contains two toys, or choose from a single toy. 100 percent pure Wisconsin grown organic catnip -- No Stems!! Fiberfill added for cushion.

Single catnip toy measures 4 x 4 inches. (1 count)
$2.00 per pack

(The kind you can find again. Does not disappear under the stove or refrigerator.)

Small toys measure 2-1/4 x 2-1/2 inches. (2 count)
$2.00 per pack
Large toys measure 3-1/4 x 3-1/4 inches. (2 count)

$2.50 a piece

Organic Catnip

Kittie Krafts Organic Catnip

Kittie Krafts Organic Catnip

100% pure Wisconsin grown organic catnip -- No Stems!!

HANDPICKED fresh leaves, tender tops and blossoms harvested early and throughout the growing season. Carefully sun dried and packaged for freshness. The catnip is not ground which can cause lost of potency earlier. The oil is preserved in the leaves and blossoms for you, the customer, to crush and use in cat toys, rub on cat toys/scratching post, or just give to your kitty. Some packages may contain seeds.

Available in either an economy 2½ ounce bag or small ½ ounce bag. Weight is approximate.

Economy Bag - Only $8.00
Small Bag - Only $3.00

Disclaimer: Prices are subject to change at anytime without notice. Stick toys and mylar teasers are for supervised play only. Kittie Krafts is not responsible for any damages, or injury that may occur from the use/misuse of the toys or any of our products. Also, no warranty is offered on the toys or any product.